Margie Wilber, Principal/Owner

Margie Wilber
Geauga Business Incubator Adviser

A busy girl is a happy girl. Ernie Buelow
Well, Ernie Buelow was my dad.
Perhaps this best explains why I am a workaholic and obsessively clean my house.

On Writing

I've been in love with writing since Sister Saint Francis read my poem, The worm, in front of her third-grade class at St. Angela Merici. Great topic? I can still recite it!

Milestone #2 was when Mr. Fawcett, my English teacher at Fairview High School, entered my short story, Grandpa, in a state creative-writing contest for the school. I didn't win, but my desire to become a writer was now inexhaustible.

I graduated from Bowling Green (BS) and Ohio University (MS) journalism schools embracing one great writing truth: "Keep it tight and bright." For me it speaks of words on a page and how to live life!


...about work, relationships, hobbies, what have you. At the workplace, my goal is to "wow" clients by far-exceeding their goals. It's always about delivering my best. I'll burn the midnight oil 24/7 to ensure success. Just take a peek at my electric bills.

On the home front, I can't say I've mastered a power drill, convection oven, TiVo, or much of anything domestic; but just try to beat me at Scrabble!

What I really enjoy is the outdoors bicycling, kayaking, and hiking. It's where I go to clear my head and generate new ideas. My Australian shepherd usually tags along. If you run into me in the Metropark, you'll know I'm hard at work.

Takes a Wide-Angle View

This means listening and actually hearing where businesses want to be in a year, 10 years, and 30 years from now. Public relations and marketing plans and tools should last longer than a pair of sneakers. I focus on message clarity, impact and longevity. Not just today's hottest trends.

I also call it like I see it. Straight truth. You won't get a fast ball, slider or sinker from me. Just a creative game plan and a well-orchestrated, award-winning series. Did I mention I like Indians' baseball?


Apart from writing just about anything, embarrassing moments are my specialty. From having it all fall out waterskiing though wearing a conservative, one-piece bathing suit to wearing my most professional business attire to meet with a client only to slip and fall in a waist-deep puddle in the parking lot. I can still hear the swish-swish as I toddled in.

I am also a twin. REDRUM. Similarities? We have the same laugh.